Trust Issues in Relationships – How to Overcome Them |

Majority of break-ups are due to unresolved trust issues in relationships. Trust plus love and respect equals a successful marriage.Every person yearns to have a happy and successful married life. However, statistics shows that almost 50% of marriages in the US are dissolved because of various reasons. Trust issues in relationships are one of the problems.Every individual has a certain degree of having difficulty in trusting somebody. You can’t blame yourself or anybody else for saying, “I don’t easily trust someone.” That’s normal but if a person says, “I don’t trust anybody!” That is a big problem.If you are in a romantic relationship and you notice that your girlfriend or boyfriend has a hard time trusting the people around him or her; that is a clear indication that he or she has trust issues in relationships.Trust is very important in any relationship. It holds the partners together to form a commitment. If your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t know how to trust, your relationship will always be at stake because doubt is in the way.A person who relationship trust issues is trapped and he or she worries all the time; constantly checking on you, asking the details of your activities and whereabouts. At first it’s okay because you think he or she is concern and sweet. But in the long run it will be annoying and you feel mistrusted.To avoid the possible damage in your relationship, you need to find out the reason behind your girlfriend or boyfriend’s mistrusting attitude. Perhaps the mistrust rooted in his childhood or former relationships wherein he was betrayed.Here are the following steps you can do to help your girlfriend or boyfriend overcome his or her insecurities and trust issues.Talk heart to heart with your girlfriend or boyfriend, explain how you feel and emphasize the importance of trust in your relationship.
Tell your girlfriend or boyfriend that you want to build a strong relationship and it can only be done if you have faith with each other.
You must admit that his or her trust issues in relationships bother you and it may cause a big problem. Before it happens you want to prevent it.
Convince your girlfriend or boyfriend to share his personal fears with you and pinpoint the cause of mistrust. Jot down every issue.
Identify every issue that really bothers you and discuss why and how it is affecting your relationship.
For instance: He or she wants to know your activities and whereabouts.
Problem: Monitoring is too much, you feel like a child and mistrusted without probable reason.
Solution: Will inform him or her about your daily activities and will try your best to call twice a day whenever possible.
Make sure that both of you agree to every solution and comfortable with it.
Express your commitment with each other to build a more intimate and stronger relationship by completely trusting each other.Trust issues in relationships normally arise when one or both partners went through a bad relationship in the past, thereby carrying the baggage with them in their new relationship. The past affects the person’s ability to completely trust anyone including the person whom he or she is intimately involved with.Lack of trust destroys any relationship, no matter how you love the person. Most of the time people who have trust issues in relationships are super jealous, insecure, and controlling. Why? Because of fear that the person he or she loves will cheat on him or her.If you can’t trust the person you love, you can’t have a good relationship. You will never be happy because your worries and fears are haunting you. The best thing for you to do is to forget the memories of a bad relationship and start fresh.People are not the same and every person has a different intention in a relationship. If your intention is good and if you want to love and be loved there’s nothing to worry.All you have to do is to be honest with your girlfriend or boyfriend. If you have trust issues in relationships don’t be afraid to discuss it as early as possible in your dating period. This will give you peace of mind and you will feel more secure in your relationship.Seek professional counseling if you think your past relationship totally damaged your ability to trust including the people who are close to heart.

Rebound Relationships – How to Make It Your Last Rebound Relationship |

It is an accepted fact that rebound relationships do not work. But, is this truth or fiction?Truth is that there many happy couples who got together shortly after a previous relationship break up and they have made it work.First of all, what is the definition of a rebound relationship?A rebound relationship is usually where a person begins a new relationship with someone else shortly after leaving or having been left by a previous partner.It will appear to all around them that they had not given themselves time to get over the previous relationship and therefore this could hamper the healthy growth of a new relationship. This would then place added strain on the couple and the likelihood that previous relationships issues will resurface, is much greater.However, if you meet someone who seems to be the kind of person that you are looking for and they are attracted to you, then it would be crazy to walk away from them. Of course, you take a risk that it will not work out, but isn’t that the case for every relationship we enter? There are no absolute guarantees in any relationship, but obviously when you are both attracted to each other and willing to build a relationship together, it is a very good start.Why do relationships breakdown? There are lots of reasons, like having an affair for example, but the most common one is that people just grow apart. Your rebound partner split up for a reason. Perhaps they grew apart or finally figured out that they should never have got together with this person in the first place.In order to avoid that happening in your situation with your new lover, you will need to take things slowly, which you would do in any case, right? If you can, find out what went wrong in their previous relationship. They may be relieved to be able to talk about it, or they may be reluctant, in which case it would be wise not to push it. They may share with you later on when they feel closer to you, when your relationship has developed.Do be careful in comparing yourself to your new love’s previous partner. Your mutual friends may try it and the important thing here is not to buy into it. Remember if they see similarities, it is because your partner is attracted to a certain type of person, and, that basically we all are similar to each other in one way or another.At the end of the day, whatever happened between those two people is something known only to them.If it is you that has just had a breakup and you are interested in a new person, be aware first of all what your intentions are. Do you just want a casual relationship, or are you looking for the one you wish to be with for the rest of your life? Are you actually ready to give to another relationship, or, are you just trying to make your ex-partner jealous, or pay them back in some way? It is important to know the difference as it is unfair to the new person in your life, and it will not achieve the result you are aiming for.Not all rebound relationships will end suddenly and you may find that it keeps going and turns out to be the right one for you after all. They say, when one door shuts, another will open. Or, you could be like me, I left the love of my life, had some relationships that did not work out, reconnected with my first love “on the rebound” and found the love I was looking for in the beginning.So, do not be afraid to give a rebound relationship a go, they could be the one you had been searching for right from the start.

5 Deadly Relationship Mistakes That Can Cause a Relationship Breakup |

Looking for the reason(s) for your relationship breakup? Maybe you should go through this list of 5 deadly relationship mistakes others have made. Although the relationship may met your expectations doesn’t mean it made the other person happy. After you understand these mistakes maybe you will recognize were you went wrong and learn not to repeat the mistake in the future.The obvious mistake in relationship breakups is being oblivious that you made mistakes as the relationship grew. In the beginning things were new and exciting between you and your partner. The core needs that you and your partner were hard wired to want from a lifetime commitment with someone will start to surface as the relationship goes further and further. Paying attention to your partner will let you see when any core needs start to play into the relationship.1. Always pushing your partner before it is timeA quick way to push someone away from you is by trying to push your partner into something before he or she is ready. If you were pushing a person into more commitment or maybe even getting married you will chase them away. If this happened then just back off and put some strategic distance between you and your partner. If he or she still has attraction and romantic respect for you after a while, they will turn around and give you attention again. Then you both can work on the problem together.2. Attempting to change your partner’s characterTrying to change someone with emotional blackmail or manipulation can cause resentment and anger that can lead to a relationship breakup. If you aren’t happy your partner has friends who are members of a certain gender, or maybe he or she is a giant flirt then you have the problem. Your partner was that way before you even met. Trying to get your partner to change is a dangerous relationship mistake.3. Letting the Chemistry Between you and your partner Die OutCouples with chemistry sizzle together. Losing that chemistry will cause your relationship to sizzle-out and you may find your partner looking to sizzle elsewhere. Never lose the chemistry between you and your partner. Always use spare time to cuddle, find ways to flirt, and do whatever it takes to keep that playfulness in the relationship. It will be worth if it saves you from falling into a relationship breakup.4. Settling into a Comfort Zone with your RelationshipA deadly relationship mistake that is easy to fall into is getting into the same routine. You may feel comfortable in a safety zone but you will get too predictable to your partner and stop being a challenge to them. Your partner wants to be challenged not just in the relationship but also in life. So you need to liven up the relationship by stepping out of your safety zone once and a while and keep challenging your partner.5. Always wanting sympathy from your partner instead of gaining their respectYou may get your girlfriend or boyfriend to feel sorry for you but after a while he or she will grow tired of the drama and will lead to a relationship breakup. No one wants to share their life with someone like this. They want someone who will be able to share in the responsibilities. Someone who is able to contribute to goals not hamper them.