Relationship Quiz 2 – Communication |

Communication in relationships is one of those things that can get difficult over time. Take this quiz and see how you score.Below are a list of statements, think about your response to them on a scale of 1-5 and write it down. (1 – Strongly Disagree, 2 – Disagree, 3 – Neither Agree nor Disagree, 4 – Agree, 5 Strongly Agree).1. I feel like I know my partner
2. I regularly ask my partner about their day
3. My partner tells me about their day
4. I feel like I can tell my partner anything
5. I recently asked my partner to do something for me
6. My partner and I recently did something together
7. My partner and I have separate but intertwined lives
8. I feel comfortable being silent with my partner
9. When I talk my partner listens
10. I can often tell what my partner is thinking
11. My partner and I can finish each other’s sentences
12. I feel comfortable with my partners touchAlright done? Now add up the numbers you wrote down and see how you score. At the bottom of the scoring are some tips for how to improve communication.Let’s see how you went:56-60: You probably consider your partner your best friend. What’s more you understand that communication goes beyond just the words that you say to each other. You know that communication in relationships is just as much about what you don’t say as what you do say. It’s also about what you are sub communicating – that is how are your intentions coming across in how you stand, how you walk and through your actions. You often know what your partner is going to say but you never interrupt them, you always let them finish. Your relationship is on a sold base and you either have discovered or are in the process of discovering if this person is your soul mate.50-55: You feel comfortable with your partner. You understand that you don’t always have to get on with someone to like them very much or even love. Communication in relationships is tricky and you know that first hand. There are probably some areas of your relationships where you do feel like you could communicate better or maybe just one thing that is really bothering you. But because your relationship is set on a strong base and you are an aware person, you’re probably already taking the steps to improve this yourself.40-49: You feel that your relationship can be on rocky ground from time to time but overall you like your partner and are comfortable around them. Truly spiritual relationships can take a long time to build and if you’ve been working on it for a long time you might be starting to feel frustrated. Don’t let the fact that you are happy stand in the way of improving communication. Make an effort. Remember that everything that’ not growing is dying, so le your relationship grow.30-39: Your relationship is the very definition of the word stagnant. You’re very likely at some sort of tipping point and there are only two ways to go from here, up or down. Unfortunately once you’re at this tipping point, if you’re the only one who’s worked it out you’re in trouble. What you really need to do is sit down and have a chat to your partner about where things are going. They may have noticed it as well. The most important thing is to be honest and friendly. Another thing to note is that not all communication is verbal. It is important to have a look at both of your actions. What things are you doing with respect to each other? Do your actions show respect, love and caring?20-29: This means you disagreed with almost all of the statements above. You have to ask yourself one simple question… do you want to be in this relationship? If you do, what things got you to this point? If you don’t what steps are you taking to get out? A relationship with rocky communication doesn’t just degrade over time but it also degrades your soul, your essence. If you don’t feel like you can communicate with your partner it will start to eat at you and you will become resentful and hurtful.12-19: You have to ask yourself why you even took this quiz. If you’ve reached this stage there may be one or two good things going on with the two of you but it seems outweighed by the bad things. What do you hope to achieve with this quiz? Are you trying to resuscitate this relationship or are your just looking for affirmation that it’s already ended? Answer those questions to yourself and you’ll have your own answers.Three simple things you can try to help improve communication in relationships. This is for people at every level, no matter what your score above:Make a request from your partner, ask them for something and see how they respond. Asking someone for a favour can reignite a spark in them where they feel wanted.Offer to do something nice. Rather than just doing something nice (which is also a good thing) offering to do something begins to open up a dialogue with which you can see how they respond.Talk about doing something together. Find something you both like and make plans with your partner to do that thing together.