The Stages of a Healthy Relationship – The Benefit of Understanding Them |

Knowing the different stages of a healthy relationship is important and it is truly beneficial for a couple to attain a successful marriage.Happy and successful married couples say that every relationship is like riding a roller coaster, there are ups and downs.The stages of a healthy relationship don’t come with the honeymoon stage and stays there forever. Once you become serious with your relationship; engaged or settled down you will go through the honeymoon, power struggle, until you reach the stage of eternal love with your partner.Understanding the different healthy relationship stages is fundamental if you want to attain the real love in life. If you don’t…the end result will be painful, you might easily give up and broken-hearted.First, let’s analyze and talk about the honeymoon stage. This is the time when couples see only the positive side of each other. You disregard the negative personality of your partner even if everybody else is telling about it.During the honeymoon stage, your brain is releasing the cuddle hormones: vasopressin and oxytocin. It is fitting to say that at this point in your relationship, “Love is blind.”You feel good and wonderful hoping that this magical feeling lasts forever. But the honeymoon stage only last for a few months between 3-6 months during your dating period or even on your marriage. Once the cuddle hormones subside you go to the next stage.During or after the honeymoon stage you will start to notice the negativity in your partners’ personality and this is the second part in the stages of a healthy relationship — the power struggle.Power Struggle kicks in when you realize the differences between you and your mate. Most couples have a hard time going through this stage.Among the healthy relationship stages, power struggle is the moment when arguments arise, and you feel stresses in the relationship. Many couples break up in this stage.What will you do when you are in the power struggle stage? Identify the problem and find solutions to it. This stage is important to establish a deeper connection with your partner and to know each other better inside and out. Struggles make your relationship stronger.When you are convinced that you have the Eternal Love- you are now in the ultimate level of the stages of a healthy relationship. This is the point in time when you truly enjoy your life together even if problems arise.You are committed to love each other eternally; you understand and accept each other’s negative traits and you respect each other no matter what happens.In this stage you grow together as couple and you inspire each other. This is totally different from the honeymoon stage because you are aware of each other’s strengths and weaknesses and this is True love.There is no short cut in attaining a successful relationship or marriage. You will always go through the different stages of a healthy relationship.If you observe your relationship, you might say that conflicts are always present even during the honeymoon stage. That is true because you are not perfect and there is no perfect relationship.However, if you understand the healthy relationship stages you will not give up easily on your partner to find somebody else. Instead, you are geared towards building the strongest foundation for your relationship to weather all storms.When you learn about the different stages of a healthy relationship you are prepared to solve any problem that will confront you. The learning process should be done hand in hand with your mate.Do it as a tandem. You must know that both of you do not experience the same things while in the different healthy relationship stages. For example, you feel good about the things going on in your relationship; unknowingly your mate is already in the power struggle.If this happens you must balance the conflict by doing fun things together. Always remember that you are not the same, a man and a woman thinks differently but you can always fix that gap.Love is a short and simple word but it is powerful and it will bring you together no matter what happens. You gain true and eternal love when you really understand the stages of a healthy relationship.If you are in the midst of the power struggle don’t give up! That is your chance to deeply connect with your mate…and hold on to your relationship.