Understand the Purpose of a Relationship | smallpropeller.info

A relationship is the complete synchronization between two people where a true bond forms and deep intimacy can be experienced. At its core, it is a physical, emotional, energetic harmony. Whether two people are as near as total intimacy requires or a thousand miles apart, this harmony transcends.This harmony describes any kind of relationship; that of lovers, friends, family; the relationship between co-workers, employees, bosses, customers, clients, patients; the relationship between a person and the Divine; the relationship between you and the store sales person; the relationship between you and your manager; the relationship between you and your environment; the relationship between you and an occasion;
the relationship between groups, religions, races, nations; the relationship
between all the different people and groups.There are two kinds of relationships:1. The first type of relationship, the problem relationship, exhibits a clash of wills. The underlying issue in this relationship is the individual ego. It is difficult to be loved or give love because loving means one has to adjust or give up a part of his or her
ego. By feeling the need to deny or change a part of who we are, feelings of panic, untruth and hatred result.2. The second type of relationship, that of nondiscriminatory, unconditional love, brings compassion, compromise, and sympathy.A true relationship means that there is no physical and emotional struggle between egos. Two bodies exist separately, but their beings have mingled. There is no limit and there is no partition.Everything we put into our relationship harmony either supports, develops, builds, strengthens, or, conversely, weakens it with tension and distress. Every action a person takes or does not take, everything a person says or does not say, impacts the weather of the relationship’s harmony. If we do not pay attention to the harmony between us, small and big distresses will build up in our relationship environment. It is not so much that someone intends to pollute the harmony, but more that he or she either doesn’t think about the impact the behavior has on the other person or on the relationship itself. Sometimes people contribute to the distress by trying to protect themselves or get their needs met, which is often, inadvertently, at the expense of the other person.All relationships have the potential to evolve into love when freed from the selfishness of the ego. Each relationship is a means towards forwarding our life’s purpose. Relationships are opportunities to merge our wills with the will of another, thereby creating a greater reality. It is natural that we support, inspire and affirm each other. Mutual love and respect are the basis of all conscious relationships. The deeper we know each other, the more we want to be together.In reality, we are never hurt by the other, but only by our own fears, attachments, needs and expectations.The good news is that we each have the power, at any time, to begin to shift our relationship’s environment. We can create a relationship of respect, integrity, compassion and justice. We can find love in the deepest sense of the word.