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DaimlerChrysler Cars To Be Equipped With BorgWarner All-Wheel Drive System

The Chrysler Group recently announced that their 2007 Chrysler Sebring and the 2008 Dodge Avenger will be equipped with a technologically advanced drive system. The said cars will be outfitted with BorgWarner’s Interactive Torque Management (ITM 3e) system. The technology will enhance the Sebring’s and the Avenger’s stability, performance and fuel efficiency as well. BorgWarner’s ITM 3e system is already being used by the 2007 Chrysler Pacifica and has already made a lot of good impression on the motoring public. The technology that the Sebring and the avenger will employ is only one of the torque management system products of BorgWarner and it is the latest technology developed by the said company.

Cindy Niekamp, the President and General Manager of BorgWarner TorqTransfer Systems, is pleased to provide another driving system for the Chrysler Group. “We are proud to launch another front-wheel, all-wheel drive application with DaimlerChrysler, using BorgWarner’s new ITM 3e system. Niekamp also stated that with the successful integration of the system to the 2007 Chrysler Pacifica, it is logical for other DaimlerChrysler cars to use the same driving technology. The use of the system on cars enhances their traction, stability, and handling. All of which are vital to give a car a great fuel efficiency and superior performance not to mention keeping the occupants a peace of mind knowing that the car will not be prone to rollover.”

BorgWarner will supply the necessary hardware to the Chrysler Group to integrate the said system to their mass produced cars. Aside from the hardware components the company will also provide the needed electronic systems and software controls. The company will also provide DaimlerChrysler with the required vehicle integration support. These wares are part of BorgWarner’s commitment to provide the car manufacturer competent service. The integration of the said system to DaimlerChrysler cars will be a joint effort on the car manufacturer and the vehicle powertrain applications provider. With the necessary tools provided by BorgWarner and the competency of the Chrysler Group, it will not come as a surprise if the Chrysler Sebring and the Dodge Avenger come out of their assembly plants as finely tuned cars.

The driving system developed by BorgWarner uses technologically advanced controls to detect slip on the car’s wheels and effortlessly transfer power from the engine to the said wheel. The technology only needs a couple of milliseconds to convert both the Sebring and the Avenger from a front-wheel drive car to an all-wheel drive vehicle. This is just as fast as a Volvo radiator fan can respond to the radiators’ cooling needs. The radical technology allows the Sebring and the Avenger to have great traction not only on the front wheels but on the rear wheels as well.

During high speed driving the system, without human intervention, such a system decreases the power being provided to the rear wheels. This innovative technology allows the car it is equipped with to have better fuel economy than other vehicles with an all-wheel drive configuration.

The system is not only convenient in the sense that it increases a car’s fuel efficiency, handling and stability. It is also developed to be compatible with other car safety systems. The anti-lock brake system can effortlessly complement the technology to provide better driving safety. Another vehicle system that can work with the ITM 3e system is the electronic stability that is featured on most currently mass produced vehicles. The use of the ITM 3e system integrated with both the anti-lock brake system and the electronic stability feature greatly increases the stability and traction of a car as well as providing safety and comfort to the driver and passengers of a car it is integrated to.