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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat Review

This seat was designed for the growing child in that it is a three seat in one. The Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat can accommodate your child in a rear facing car seat, a front facing car seat and as a belt positioning booster car seat. This is really great! It saves you money and provides you with the type of car seat that your child will need all through their infant to toddler growing years.

The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat will start out accommodating your baby as a rear-facing seat. It can hold an infant that weighs from 5-35 lbs. It is a safe secure seat that stays in place when you place your little one in the cradle. This is a very safe way to provide comfort and safety for your new born baby.

This seat is geared to let your toddler set in comfort facing forward. The forward facing position will hold a toddler that weighs from 40-100 pounds. This is good for your toddler who can ride with ease and safety. The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Car Seat provides side impact protection for your child. This is vital especially when or if you happen to get hit by another vehicle. The seat also provides your toddler with the 5-point harness system with up-front adjustment. This is what is needed when your child is riding in a seat while you are driving. QuickFit™ Harness system easily adjusts height from the front, without rethreading making it just another great safety feature.

The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Seat provides your child with comfy, pivoting armrests. The comfort that affords to your child makes their ride much easier and if you need to go any distance your toddler will not get fussy. The seat also has a removable cup holder. The seat is easily adjusted and installs easy with the LATCH equipped system that the seat provides for you to make the installation.

The Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Seat third position for your child when it gets older is to turn into a booster seat. The booster seat buckles in three locations giving you the ability to make sure that your child is fastened securely to the seat with the 3-position buckle locations.

All in all, this is one great booster seat for a toddler. If you’re looking for safety, comfort, and great features for your child’s seat, this is the one to consider!