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Mustang Seat Covers – How to Protect Your Ford Mustang Seats

Choosing seat covers for a Ford Mustang is a great investment in keeping your Mustang seats from everyday wear and fabric tears. It keeps the seats in good shape, which also helps in the resale value. Looking great and maximum protection is the key buying points for Mustang seat covers.

Typical questions Mustang owners have about seat covers are: What type, what fabric? Will it protect my Mustang seats properly? How are driver and passenger side airbags affected by seat covers? Will the fabric I choose ruin the fabric or leather underneath the seat cover? Are they easy to clean? The biggest question though is will it look good and compliment or match the interior.

Seat covers are available for every model of Ford Mustangs going back to the 1965 model. There are 3 main styles of covers. The traditional style that covers the whole seat and the headrest. Body glove style that covers the whole seat and the headrest which give the seat an appearance of a captains chair, and partial style that covers most of the seat but not the headrest. Map pockets or storage pouches are sometimes included on the back of some types of covers.

Mustang and Mustang GT seat covers come in many fabrics and materials. There is Nylon which usually comes with a pattern, Microfiber which has a suede like feels, Velour fabric that has a velvet feel, Leather an old favorite, Leatherette an artificial leather, and Sheepskin for maximum comfort. The fabrics you choose really depend on feel and what colors or fabric patterns you like and what matches the interior colors best.

Neoprene is a wet suit material covered by usually nylon. Covers made out of this material has a custom car look as the seats can come with different colored inserts giving the interior a custom car look. Neoprene is very easy to clean spills and stains, a warm wet towel will do the trick. If you choose neoprene make sure that fabric completely covers the neoprene rubber on the backside of the cover as neoprene on vinyl or leather seats can stick to the material ruining the seat underneath.

Mustang leather seat covers are also a popular choice with many Mustang owners, these are the most expensive covers. Leatherette a vinyl leather texture is about half as much as real leather and may be considered if you are looking for a leather look on a budget.

Most all covers are treated with a UV protection from the manufacture to prevent fading from the sun, but before you purchase make sure it says on the box or cover tags.

One very important consideration is if your Mustang Coupe or Mustang Convertible comes with side airbags. You must choose the right covers so that it does not block the proper operation of the side air bags. Most Ford Mustang seat covers come in side air bag and non-side air bag designs.