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Driving Courses to Reduce Accidents

Every year, millions of people around the globe lose a part of their lives when their close ones perish in horrific road accidents. Ironically, as the cars of today grow more sophisticated, the statistics hardly dwindle. To name a few, anti-braking system (ABS), traction control, air bags now comes standard in all new production cars.

Even with all sophisticated technology, it all bears down to the driver on how the car is driven and controlled.

Driving course such as the defensive driving is meant to educated road users on how to handle the car well and how to react to dangerous situation such as on the wet, snow or in the rain. With the guidance from trained professionals, participants received hands on lecture on behind the wheel in a controlled environment.

It is a two days course. Lecture on the first and practical on the second day.

Lectures are on safety awareness mainly focusing on rules and regulation and accident prevention measures when faced with certain scenarios.

Drivers’ concentration on the road is very crucial to avoid any untoward accidents. Keep two hands on the wheel and maintain complete vision on the road. Distraction from cell phones could lead to momentary loss of focus on the road which eventually could prove fatal. Any abusive substance be it alcohol or drugs could lead to lost of motor control on your body parts which might cause road crash.

Physical test puts you behind the wheel and with proper guidance from instructor, participants are told to perform emergency braking at speeds up to 60km/hr while keeping the vehicle on course. This exercise builds up participants confident to apply brakes with correct pressure when faced with the same situation.

Another test is to navigate the vehicle around the cones without knocking any over. This exercise trains driver’s handling skills with the correct usage rear view mirrors to avoid collision with the cones.

By attending the defensive driving course, drivers will have the knowledge to counter react when faced with a complicated scenario thus help reduce the number of road accidents.